Our Products


Northern Hardwood Logs
Buying all grades in red oak, black oak, white oak, birch, cherry, hard and soft maple, ash, from suppliers in New England, New York and Pennsylvania.

White Pine Logs - All Grades
Buying white pine logs year round. All transport in done through Turner Forest Products. We are continuing to search for new suppliers for both hardwood and softwood logs. Looking to build long term business relationships with new suppliers.


Producing white pine lumber green 4/4" thru 8/4" mill run and timbers for cabin stock. Northern hardwood lumber sawn green in to 4/4" thru 8/4" on NHLA rules in all grades. Production of our white pine and northern hardwood lumber is all custom sawn to our customers needs. Please contact us with your needs and for our sawing schedules on white pine and hardwood lumber.




Turner Forest Products produces white pine lumber in two of our saw mills in Maine and hardwood lumber in our mill in Quebec. With an annual volume of over 15 million board feet of both white pine and hardwood lumber for markets through out the U.S. and Canada